Project Procurement - Policies, Guidelines, Documents for Projects Before July 2016

Procurement Policies, Guidelines and Documents below are for Projects Prior to July 1, 2016
  • For projects already underway, unless the World Bank agrees otherwise, please use the resources below.
  • These are for use by Borrowers and their implementing agencies in the procurement of goods, works and consulting services related to World Bank projects.
  • Starting July 1, 2016, the World Bank's new Procurement Framework goes into effect.


On this page:
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Standard Procurement Documents
Publishing Procurement Notices and Awards
Thresholds, Legal Agreements
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The following are policies, procedures, and guidance governing procurement in Bank-financed projects, for use by Borrowers and their implementing agencies.

When the World Bank provides financing to its member countries for investment projects, each project is governed by a legal agreement between the World Bank and the Borrower government agency who receives the funds. One of the key obligations in the "loan agreement" is that governments abide by the Bank's procurement policies, as detailed in the Guidelines for Procurement and the Consultant Guidelines.

The Procurement Guidelines establish the arrangements to be made for procuring the goods and works (including related services) required for the project. The Consultant Guidelines define the procedures for selecting, contracting, and monitoring consultants required for projects. The Borrower is responsible for advertising business opportunities arising from Bank-financed projects.

Guidelines for Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and Grants

Goods, Works, and Non-Consulting Services [July 2014]
Previous English versions: 2011, 2010
Spanish versions: 2014, 2011, 2010
French versions: 2014, 2011, 2010

Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers [July 2014]
Previous English versions: 2011, 2010
Spanish versions: 2014, 2011, 2010
French versions: 2014, 2006

Guidance Notes:

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2017


Procurement of Works and User's Guide [July 2019]

Prequalification Document for Procurement of Works and User's Guide [July 2019]

For use in prequalifying applicants who express an interest in bidding on large building and civil engineering contracts under ICB procedures. The principles may also be applied if prequalification is needed under NCB.
Previous English versions: October 2017January 20172010, 2007, 2006
Chinese: 2006
French: 20172011, 2006
Spanish: October 2017January 201720102006

Procurement of Small Works [October 2017, French, Spanish]
For use when a prequalification process has not taken place before bidding and, therefore, post-qualification applies.

The standard bidding documents in this publication have been prepared for use by Borrowers in the procurement of works for "smaller" contracts-valued at generally less than US$10 million-by international competitive bidding (ICB). These documents may also be adapted to national competitive bidding (NCB). The Standard Bidding Document for Procurement of Small Works is based on the Master Document for Procurement of Small Works, prepared by the Multilateral Development Banks and International Financing Institutions.
Previous English versions: January 201720152012, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2004
Spanish: January 20172010, 2008, 2004
French: January 20172004

Procurement of Works - French Civil Law (document in French) [October 2017]
Le présent Dossier Type d’Appel d’Offres (DTAO) pour la passation des des marchés de travaux a été préparé par la Banque mondiale à l'intention de ses emprunteurs, ayant une tradition de droit civil, pour la passation de marchés de travaux par Appel d'offres ouvert international (AOI).
Previous version: January 201720122007

Procurement of Goods [April 2015]
Use of this document is mandatory in the procurement of goods through ICB.
Previous English versions: 2013, 2010, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003
Spanish: 2013, 2010, 2004, 2003
French: 2013, 2005, 2004, 2003
Chinese: 2010, 2005

Procurement of Health Sector Goods - Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, and Condoms [April 2015]
Mandatory for the procurement of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and condoms through ICB. For the purpose of these documents, pharmaceuticals also include nutritional supplements and oral and injectable hormonal forms of contraception.

Technical Note [May 2006]
Clinton Foundation Modifications [April 2004]: English, Spanish, French
Previous English versions: 2014, 2008, 2004, 2003
Spanish: 2004, 2003
French: 2014, 2003

Procurement of Textbooks and Reading Materials [April 2015]
Use of this document is mandatory in the procurement of textbooks through ICB. Use applies when a prequalification process has not taken place before bidding.
Previous English versions: 2014, 2004, 2003
French: 2014

Procurement of Works and Services Under Output- and Performance-based Road Contracts [October 2017, French, Spanish]
Previous English versions: January 20172006
Spanish: January 2017

Standard Request for Proposals – Selection of Consultants [October 2017, French]
Use is mandatory in the selection of consulting firms under the assignments above US$300,000.
Previous English versions: January 20172015, 2010
French: 2015
Spanish: January 2017

Procurement of Plant Design, Supply, and Installation & User's Guide [April 2015]
Previous English versions: 2010, 2008
Spanish: 2010, 2008
French: 2010

Supply and Installation of Information Systems – Single-Stage Bidding [December 2008]
Previous English version: 2003
Spanish: 2003
French: 2003

Supply and Installation of Information Systems – Two-Stage Bidding [March 2003]
Spanish: 2003
French: 2003

Standard Bid Evaluation Form – Procurement of Goods or Works [April 1996]
Spanish: 1996
French: 1996


General Procurement Notice
Invitation for Pre-Qualification
Request for Expression of Interest
Specific Procurement Notice

Other Documents:
Procurement Plan Template
Key Stages in Procurement (diagram)
An example of decision logic when designing fit for purpose procurement processes



UN Agencies – Please see below for some Standard Forms of Agreements

*For further guidance, please contact

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) [May 2017]

ILO - International Labour Organization [November 2016]

IOM - International Organization for Migration [May 2018]

UNDP - United Nations Development Programme [April 2019]

UNESCO – United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization [December 2013]

UNFPA – United Nations Population Fund

UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund [April 2019] 

UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization 

UNOPS – United Nations Office for Project Services [August 2016]

WFP - World Food Programme [June 2017]

 WHO - World Health Organization [November 2016]


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Last Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Publishing Procurement Notices and Contract Awards

World Bank borrowers must advertise consulting and bidding opportunities, and also publish contract awards (in accordance with paragraphs 2.5 and 2.31 of the Guidelines on Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers and paragraphs 2.7 and 2.59 of the Guidelines on Procurement of Goods, Works, and Non-Consulting Services, 2011 versions). Details of these requirements are detailed in Annex 1 of both documents.

See data on Major Contract Awards

How to Advertise Procurement Notices
The Bank strongly encourages borrowers to use the Client Connection (CC) website when publishing notices. Notices submitted through Client Connection are automatically sent to UNDB online, dgMarket, and the Bank’s external website.
To establish an account in CC, borrowers should request registration information using the link on the bottom of the CC home page, being sure to request Procurement access.

Current CC users that need assistance with publishing notices can use the Feedback feature available on all CC pages, which will notify the Client Connection team in ISG. Alternatively, they can contact their project’s procurement team.
Bank staff assisting Borrowers are to use Client Connection when publishing notices. Bank staff should contact Regional staff indicated in the table below for assistance.


Template for creating official procurement notice (you can enter text directly online into CC or you can draft it in the template and then cut and paste into the online form)
Quick reference guide to Publishing notices through CC

Templates for completing Contract Awards
Contracts Awarded by ICB
Contracts Awarded by QCBS, QBS, FBS, and LCS
Contracts Awarded by DC, CQS, and SS